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Oct. 16th, 2007 | 11:11 am

Suspended from an overpass by pins and needles. lying on broken glass, grinning through a mouth full of broken teeth. 

I'm not sure what i'm holding out for. This standard, the epitome of an elusive intangible... is suffocating. Is what I feel real? Does it compare to the standard in my head? What have I missed out on, holding out on this supreme standard? How many people have I thrown away; disregarded; given up on; in an attempt to find more? HAVE I ASKED TOO MUCH? where did this standard come from? 
shut the fuck up, the media gets blamed for everything when we create the media. stupid stupid

cars fly by, inflated and under educated. we can't spell but we can spend. oh yes, we can spend. 

damaged goods

change? embrace consistancy. promise me you meant it.

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